Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will construction take? +

    Contract duration is 431 calendar days (approximately 15 months)
  • How much will the project cost? +

    $11.8 million
  • Will work be performed at night? +

    The final overlay of Main Street at the very end of the project is specifically called out to be performed at night. The contractor has the option to work at night at other times, with a noise waiver from the City of Newark. Currently the contractor plans to do as much work as possible during day time hours, but will determine if a change is needed based on productivity. The main concern would be getting equipment and materials to the work site in the traffic that may occur with Main Street open to a single lane of traffic.
  • Will Main Street be closed? +

    No. One lane of traffic will be open at all times. Entrances and driveways will always have access. There are some detours of side streets throughout the project depending on where the work zone is.
  • Will sidewalks be impacted? +

    Generally no. There will be sidewalk work at intersections and crosswalks to ensure the curb ramps meet ADA requirements.
  • Will alternative parking areas be designated? +

    The City of Newark is currently reviewing options for alternative parking during construction. The University of Delaware also has parking garages that are available, as well as permit parking available for visitors in their non-gated surface lots.
  • Why wasn’t the work designated to be performed at night? +

    The contract was bid using an alternative delivery process. The process (A+B bidding) allows potential contractors to bid the cost of the construction work along with the amount of time that the work can be performed in. This bidding process is often used for projects that have high traffic volumes or require significant traffic restrictions during construction. Too many time restrictions would impact the contractor’s flexibility in performing the work. For Main Street the winning contractor proposes to complete the work in 431 days (approximately 6 months earlier than estimated by DelDOT).
  • Why can’t the construction start in June 2019? +

    Because the majority of the early phases of work are scheduled to be at the far east or west end of Main Street outside the most densely populated business area, the Department felt it was best to take advantage of a full construction season and start as early as possible. Because the contractor’s proposed time frame is shorter than the Department anticipated, the last phases of work in May and June of 2020 are west of the main business District. If the project started in June of 2019, there would be greater impact to the main business district during April and May of 2020.
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An interview was conducted by Newark Life Magazine with the project team on March 20, 2019. The following questions were asked during the interview.

  • Where can I find the list of special events and weekends during which work will pause? What exactly does that mean (travel lanes, parking) and does it differ per event? +

    The list of events will be posted on the project website I can send the list as well. Essentially, the contractor cannot have work crews on site on the days listed, however, the work area will remained closed off and parking will remained closed as if work was going on. The affected work area and parking availability will vary depending on the time of year the event occurs.
  • When will decisions be made about parking on Delaware Avenue, Chapel and Haines Streets, possibly even New London Road? +

    The City of Newark is planning to take a comprehensive parking plan to Council at their regular meeting on April 22.
  • When will the two houses in/adjacent to Lot 1 be torn down and replaced with spots? Please confirm details: The City bought those houses from UD. When? +

    The sale is not complete. There is a subdivision plan in process now, which should be complete by the end of March. When the plan is complete, the transaction will take place and the contract for demolition taken to Council. It is likely that we will get this demolition contract on the April 22 meeting also. We are hoping to have the spots available by mid Summer, when the Main Street work will likely be closer to the ‘central business’ area.
  • There was a meeting with UD on March 8 regarding contractor parking. What was the result? +

    The meeting was with representatives of the University, the City of Newark and DelDOT. The discussions were focused on how to communicate alternative parking areas to residents and customers when on street parking is taken out of service. A map is being developed that will show available City of Newark and University parking, which will be posted on the project website with links to obtain various types of parking permits that would be required for surface lots.
  • What will be the effect on bus stops along Main Street? +

    The plan is to maintain bus stops along Main Street during construction. Both DART and the University may make adjustments depending on how the project progresses and after assessing traffic conditions.
  • Timeline section descriptions read in reverse of driving direction; reason? Will entire section be closed for the phase’s duration or only that day’s work? +

    The phase names were designated in the contract documents, and there were some restrictions as to what phases could be worked on concurrently, but it is up to the contractor to determine how he wants to proceed with the work to complete the project in the timeframe he bid. The entire section will be closed for the duration.
  • 3B / 3C and 7A / 7B seem out of order chronologically. Please clarify. +

    Phase 3B (left lane of Main Street at Chapel St.) scheduled for June, 2019 and 3C (left lane of Main Street at Tyre Ave.) scheduled for May/June 2019. The order of work is generally east to west, so Tyre Ave. would be done before Chapel as the dates show, even though they appear to be labeled out of order. It should be noted that Tyre Ave. and Chapel Street can only be closed over a weekend to perform the work at the intersection (8pm Friday through 6 am Monday). Phase 7B is a very short segment encompassing the right lane across from S. College Ave. The contract prohibits any work at that impacts S. College Ave. until after the University is out for the summer. Work at that directly impacts S. College Ave. has to be performed under a weekend detour from 8pm Friday to 6am Monday.
  • Phase 6 stops short of North College Ave. There’s a little piece missing in front of Old College where North and South College streets are offset. Is that intentional? +

    Phase 7B that takes care of that small area in the right lane of Main Street across from S. College Ave. and the rest of the right lane between S. College and N. Colleges is part of Phase 9. The left lane in this area is part of Phase 7A.
  • Where exactly is the western limit vis a vis Perkins Garage entrance and Deer Park driveway and crosswalk? +

    The western limit is about 30’ west of the Perkins Garage exit, west of the existing crosswalk, and at least partially in front of Deer Park driveway.
  • Where can I get high-res versions of the artist’s renderings? +

    I can send one to you.
  • How would a resident register to receive email updates? +

    The website will have a link to sign up for project updates.
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